We invite you to provide us with your thoughts of the Food and Beverage Operations at Heritage Shores, as part of our effort to continually improve the services and facilities at Heritage Shores. Your feedback and constructive comments will be reviewed and incorporated into future menu planning and service goals for Passwaters Restaurant, 1730 Tavern and Sugar Beet Market (Food and Beverage Operations only - This Survey is not for the Signature Shop or Market Place). 

Thank you for your feedback and participation in the Survey.
We appreciate your time and effort in helping us make your experiences at Heritage Shores even better!

**All participants of the online Survey will be entered to win a Gift Card for $50
to be used on Food & Beverage at Passwaters Restaurant, 1730 Tavern or Sugar Beet.**

Food & Beverage Focus Group: Phil Clark, Merle Ruff, Linda Bausch, Michael Gilden, Tony Spiridakis, Mike Harrigan

Management Staff: Rob Anen, GM; Chef Frank Dubinski, Executive Chef; Keyonia Cook, Restaurant Manager

1730 Tavern and Passwaters Restaurant

Based on your collective visits in 2017 to Passwaters Restaurant and 1730 Tavern: How would you rate the following? (Ratings 1-6, 1=Poor to 6=Excellent)

Sugar Beet Food & Beverage Operations

Based on your collective visits in 2017 to the Sugar Beet Market Food & Beverage Operations: How would you rate the following? (Ratings 1-6,1=Poor to 6=Excellent)